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The following message was published by the National Cyber League:


The National Cyber League – Where Cyber Security is a Passion
Dear NCL Students, Faculty/Coach/Mentor Participants and Interested Parties,


The National Cyber League (NCL) is pleased to announce its 2013 Fall Season Schedule!


General information, the event schedule, rules and remote lab information are available at:


The NCL mission is to offer engaging, entertaining, measurable, and scalable methods of learning to enlist a new generation of cybersecurity professionals. Toward this end, the 2013 NCL Fall Season is designed to provide hands-on experiences and challenges that will enable players to practice and improve their cybersecurity skills – while having fun.


2013 Fall Season Highlights:

  • Preparatory lab exercises and games to help prepare students for CompTIA Security+ and EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification exams
  • 16 CompTIA Security+ and 19 CEH preparatory lab exercises based on these certifications’ performance-based exam objectives, which students can access remotely from anywhere, anytime, to develop knowledge and skills
  • Instructor syllabi to help integrate NCL labs and games into security classes
  • Games conducted 100% using cloud­-based services, accessible from anywhere
  • Opportunities to follow the games as spectators
  • 3 NCL Conferences (Eastern, Midwestern, and Western)
  • 3 brackets to engage novice (Bronze), intermediate (Silver) and experienced players (Gold bracket)
  • Pre-season assessment to identify players with similar skill levels; players will be placed in one of three brackets based on skill level (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Regular Season with 2 games optimized for individuals
  • Post-Season with two 5-10 player team-based games: NCL Conference and National championships
  • Player Cards” and player/team statistics
  • Scenario-based, real-world games appealing to broad audiences (including men, women and non-dominant populations) to encourage engagement and passion
  • A strict Honor Code

Individual Award Certificates will be presented for Regular Season game play to recognize players who are Top 10 in their conference and national brackets.


Team Award Certificates will be presented to Top 10 teams in their conference and national brackets.



  • All Players who complete the regular season games and associated evaluations will receive Certificates of Participation to add to their professional portfolios and resumes.
  • To advance event sustainability, there will be a registration fee of $20 per player to participate in the regular season and $25 per team for post-season play (via PayPal).
  • Remotely accessible labs for CompTIA Security+ and EC Counsel Certified Ethical Hacker will be available August 24 through December 14, 2013.
  • You will need a faculty coach/mentor to register.



  • To make it easier for you to integrate NCL activities into your classes, please see instructor syllabi for:
    • CompTIA Security+
    • EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Students participating in the 2013 NCL Fall regular season get access to hands-on labs to develop Security+ and CEH skills, 24×7, during the event period.
  • Students are required to have a faculty mentor/coach. To serve as a faculty mentor/coach you will need to provide your students with your contact information, which they will submit in the registration process. You will receive regular communications from the NCL, keeping you abreast of the latest developments. Students should be able to contact you for counsel about these lab exercises. You will have opportunities to observe the NCL games in a virtual environment. In reality, there is little actually required of you.
  • NCL participation is a great way to create enthusiasm and passion for cybersecurity education, to create student and school pride, and to develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills. It adds value to your classes, and it often improves student outcomes.
  • Please share this opportunity with your peers and students!


This is going to be really fun!


Thank you,



Dan Manson

NCL Commissioner


To join the NCL email list, please provide your name, email address, and college affiliation via email to


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  1. cor3y says:

    Hey coach, I intend on registering for NCL today, and reg. requirements state that I need to have coach/mentor to apply. Just inquiring how to reference you per the application.

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