2017 November Updates

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Here are a few club news items for the month of Novmber that may be of interest to members.


The Mid-Atlantic CCDC Qualifying rounds will be scheduled between Feb 1 and Feb 8 of 2018.

This is a month earlier than in years past, so we will have less time to prepare, reducing us from 8 practice sessions to 4.  As such, we will be starting to hold practice sessions during the remaining time of 2017.

Eligible students interested in joining this years team should apply asap:  http://www.cyberwildcats.net/ccdc_2018_reg.  Please also be sure to join the #ccdc2018 channel on the Cyberwildcats Slack.

The ccdc2018 mailing list has been created.  Applicants who register (see the above link) will be added by the club administration to this mailing list.

A new Linux Hardening Howto has been created by Jon (thanks to him for his excellent effort).  Those interested in joining the team can find the link to this new resource in the #ccdc2018 channel on the Cyberwildcats Slack.

A resources page for CCDC prep has been published to the #ccdc2018 channel.


Palo Alto Networks NGFW Firewalls have been deployed into the CTF environment.  We will be leveraging these in future club game sessions and CCDC practices.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to get hands on an enterprise-class firewall in a live-combat setting.  A Firewall Lab using PAN NGFW may also be created in the month ahead (stay tuned for further updates…)

The Cyberwildcats resources page has been updated with new facilities:  http://www.cyberwildcats.net/resources

The default VPN profile has been updated to use vpn2.cyberwildcats.net.  Users who login via the web interface for the VPN and download a new configuration file will no longer need to change their profile when connecting via hard line on-campus.


The next two scheduled on-site meetings are:

  • November 18 (Student Led)
  • December 9 (Full Session)

The Cyberwildcats Calendar has been updated with CCDC practice sessions for January.  Further updates may follow with additional practice sessions for the months of November and December.

The CTF mailing list has been synchronized with the various other club user facilities, such as this website, Slack, and the Google Groups.


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