The Cyberwildcats makes use of many different modes of communication:

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a venerable and still highly used mode of communicating on the Internet.  The Cyberwildcats hosts many mailing lists for its club activities.  The core mailing list is  To subscribe, click on this link and follow the instructions there.

New members should subscribe themselves to the beginners mailing list.  This is a judgement-free environment where folks can ask technical questions without worrying about perception.  The staff, senior students, and alumni of the club are available there to help out with technical difficulties you may encounter.

A list of all Cyberwildcats mailing lists can be found here.

IRC channel

Install an IRC client of your choice and connect to  Join the #cyberwildcats channel and idle, even when you’re not at your computer.  This will allow you to see the conversation that took place in your absence.  (I recommend having your client of choice auto start on boot and auto login to the IRC channel).



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  1. BlueAngles6 says:

    The Cyberwildcats site looks great with the new improvements, environment expansion plans & current info sec articles posted. Thanks for your renewed efforts to re-energize WilmU’s Cyberwildcats club!

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