The core activity of the Cyberwildcats is Capture The Flag, a sport of attack and defend.  In these regular competitions, teams of students defend networks of servers against intrusion by opposing forces.   The key purpose of these events is for students to learn to practice Information Security under pressure, while also improving their defensive and offensive skills.  Here we provide a safe environment for students to learn how to use the more dangerous tools of the trade.  Teams of students administer and defend their own networks, having to maintain them under live fire.  The club practices two styles of CTF, CCDC and Binjitsu.


In the CCDC style of CTF, students are responsible only for the defense of their networks – there is no offensive role that student teams play.  In addition to protecting their networks, students are also expected to maintain critical services and perform tasks assigned to them.


Binjitsu combines both offense and defense.  Every team is responsible for defending their own network, while simultaneously attacking all the others around them.  Breaking in is not enough, however, as the teams also need to acquire the flags for the hosts and services.  Points are awarded to teams who steal flags (gained through compromising other teams) and points are lost for failing to protect one’s own flags.

Further, each teams’ flag offense/defense points are magnified by service uptime.  The better the service uptime, the higher a team’s combined flag score goes.  Downtime will cripple a team’s score.




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    Adding a guide on Power shell fire-walling to the Wiki. Work in progress.

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