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So, at BSidesDE this past weekend, I learned of an awesome program that Shmoocon is running, called Schmooze the Student. This is the opportunity for current students to attend Shmoocon for free, with a $200USD stipend for travel and expenses (if they accept your application! 😉

Details for the program are here:

If you’ve never heard of Shmoocon before, it’s simply one of the best security conferences on the East Coast. The conference happens on a weekend in January, for 2015 it’s on Jan 16-18. It is one of the best known and most respected conferences in the field, featuring talks by some of the best and brightest in the Information Security Field.

Last year was my first time in going, and I saw some amazing presentations, such as:

  • Bruce Schnier’s talk, “The NSA: Capabilities and Countermeasures”
  • A talk titled, “Raising the Costs for Attackers Instead of your CFO”
  • A talk presenting Veil, an Open Source Anti-virus evasion framework for penetration testers
  • A talk titled, “Utilizing DNS to Discover Malware in Your Network”

A full list of talks from 2014 is here:

The accepted talks for 2015 are not yet published, as the CFP is still open.

In addition, there are many events and puzzles going on to challenge attendees and provide hands-on learning, such as HackFortress, Shmooganography, and Ghost in the Shellcode. A full list of events can be found here:

It is held in Washington D.C, so it’s close and easy to get to. By way of its location, it also draws a crowd from the DoD circles (aka, potential employers!) This can be readily seen by looking at the sponsors page for 2014:

It’s a very small and exclusive con, where the attendance is capped at about 2,000 people. By contrast, Defcon has no limit, and last year’s attendance was about 20,000 people.

So, if you send a submission that they like, you’ll be part of a very limited set of people with access to some amazingly valuable content, experiences, and networking opportunities!

I strongly recommend you look into applying, but only current students are eligible.




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