Guest Speaker on BGP and Internet Security

Great news! One of our friends at Pros V Joes has agreed to give a presentation to the Cyberwildcats, entitled, "BGP Hijacking and Secure Internet Routing". Our guest speaker, who goes by WarrenTheITGuy, will explore the complexities of BGP hijacking and its impacts on internet routing, with a focus on leveraging Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) for enhanced network security.

Warren is flexible on scheduling his presentation, so I've posted a poll in the #general channel of Cyberwildcats Slack for folks to vote on when they'd like this to happen. He will be giving us a presentation, a demonstration, and an interactive participant lab. The technology covered will include BGP, RPKI, routing concepts, linux and cisco router commands. We expect the time to be 1 hour for his presentation. We'll do the hands on labs seperately, which will be one or more longer sessions. The tutorial will include installing software and configuring routers to use RPKI. Additionally, Warren will start with the basics and give a presentation and workshop on setting up cisco routers to use OSPF and BGP. The hands-on session will be scheduled after the presentation date is set.

Please vote on your time slots! We'll target his presentation sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Warren is a great guy and a fantastic PvJ Staffer who really knows his technical and hacking stuff. We're honored by his offer to speak and would like to thank him for making the time! I hope ya'll are as excited as I am, this should be a great presentation!